SGI Accredited Windshield Chip

SGI Accredited Windshield Chip

Many people are unaware of the crucial protective function their windshield fulfills. Perhaps that is why a lot of vehicle owners don’t bother visiting accredited collision repair shops for chips on their windshield, believing everything is okay as long as they still have full visibility.

Contrary to this popular belief, you should always have a chipped windshield repaired. At True Blue Glass, we’re an SGI accredited windshield chip repair shop in Saskatoon. Our specialists can inspect your glass and carry out repairs to get rid of the chip in no time.

FAQs About Chipped Windshields

Drivers who bring their cars to our top accredited collision center for car glass chip repairs usually have questions about chips on their windshields. Here are some of the common questions to help you know more about chipped windshields:

Is There A Difference Between a Windshield Chip and a Crack?

Windshield chips form at the point of impact when an object such as a rock lands on your vehicle’s glass. Common types of chips are a star break where short cracks extend from the central point of impact, a bull’s-eye that’s circular, and a chip that is less than an inch.

A crack, on the other hand, appears as a line that can be less than an inch or cover the width of the windshield. If you don’t get window chip repairs as soon as possible, it might eventually lead to the formation of cracks on your windshield. At that point, a windshield replacement may be unavoidable.

Is it Necessary to Get Repair for a Small Windshield Chip?

Yes, it’s necessary to seek repair for a chip, no matter how small. That is because if left alone, the chip will gradually increase in size, creating more problems for you. With time, a chip that could have been repaired in a few minutes may spread and force you to have the windshield replaced.

Also, any damage to your windshield lessens its ability to support the car roof in case of an accident. This puts you at more risk of injury in a rollover accident. It is, therefore, advisable to always keep your windshield in tip-top condition for maximum protection.

Should I Get a Repair or Replacement for My Chipped Windshield?

The decision to have your windshield repaired or replaced depends on the chip’s size, depth, and location. The finest accredited glass repair specialists can fix small and shallow chips to restore your windshield.

If the damage has broken through both layers of the glass, it might be impossible to restore your windshield's structural integrity with a repair; hence a replacement will be necessary. A replacement may also be the only option if the chip is located at the edge of the windshield.

Windshield Chip Repair You Can Trust

If you're searching for top of the line chip repair or 'windshield replacement near me,' we are your one-stop-shop. Our SGI accredited windshield chip will ensure your windshield is perfect in no time. Contact True Blue Glass for the best windshield repair and replacement: 306-281-4744.

SGI Accredited Windshield Chip
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SGI Accredited Windshield Chip
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