Security Window Film

Security Window Film

Every 18 seconds a burglary occurs somewhere in the United States. Locks and security systems deter some burglars, but what about the most vulnerable entry points in your home?

3M security window films make your glass doors and windows more difficult to break into. Instead of a quick smash-and-grab job, a would-be burglar is faced with a window that won't give way quickly or quietly. And the longer it takes an intruder to break through the window, the more time you have to call for help.

When a natural disaster strikes, can your windows take a hit without becoming dangerous shards of glass? From everyday accidents to airborne storm debris and even seismic activity, windows are vulnerable to damage.

Whatever the cause of breakage, 3M safety window films can help reduce the risk of injury from flying glass. These microlayer and tear-resistant films keep shards in place, where they can't harm your family or belongings.

With and without 3M security film. break-in burglaries often involve breaking a window. The glass shatters and falls, and the thief gets in easily.

But with windows protected by 3M™ Security Film, the broken glass stays in place, deterring intruders and buying precious time for you and your family.

Which security films do we recommend? 

Ultra night vision series 

Specially designed for the night. This type of protection will provide a balance in the temperature of your space. In addition, it will prevent the entry of ultraviolet rays. 

Ultra prestige series 

With this film you will be able to prevent intruders or strangers to observe inside your property. Protecting you and your belongings. 

Ultra security and protection series 

With it you will be able to avoid the wear caused by strong wind currents and also the damage caused by tremors. This type of safety film will always keep your glass free of cracks or chips. 

Impact protecion

Designed primarily to withstand all types of extreme eventualities, this protective film will help prevent anything from an explosion to a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, from damaging your windows. You'll always be protected.

Why choose Epic Solar protection?

Your complete safety and satisfaction is our number one goal. We are window tinting experts, and we want you to have the best window film product - and the best window tinting experience. From the moment of our first contact, you'll know we're on your side.

Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to find the best solution for your needs. And we will continue to surprise and delight you throughout the installation and completion of the project.

We are so confident in our products and services that all of our work comes with extensive warranties. Rest assured that we've got you covered

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If you need to protect the windows of your business or property, you've come to the right place. Epic Solar is the #1 distributor and installer of 3M security window film in Texas. We do window tinting for commercial buildings and homes. Don't leave your property in the dark. Contact us through our phone number - 469-577-9933 - or check out our products on our website and feel secure every step of the way. 

Security Window Film
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Security Window Film
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