Murals Process


These are traditional murals, carefully hand painted directly onto the surface of interior or exterior walls. Each wall mural we produce is unique and designed specifically for your space.

The paint I use is organic, odourless and is VOC free (contains no nasty chemicals). Which means it’s great for the planet and a breath of fresh air for you.


Step By Step Guide



Step 1: Contact Us

Let Us know your ideas and we’ll discuss options without any obligation.

Feel free to call, or contact Us via the website at any time. Anything you’re able to tell Us upfront about what you’re looking for is really helpful, to ensure we can respond with the best options for you we’ll always try to come back to you with initial thoughts within 24 hours. But don’t worry if you’re not sure exactly what you want yet we love helping clients work out what they’re trying to get from their murals.

One of the most exciting features of a mural is that each one is, by its nature, unique. Our clients therefore find it really helps to have a conversation with Us at this stage, so we can tailor the estimate to their specific requirements.

Step 2: Design It

Using your ideas, we produce a detailed design of your unique mural.


We start with a discussion over the phone or on site to develop the idea for your project. This is a free service and includes providing a rough concept sketch for you. This is important as it ensures you and I understand exactly what you want from your mural.

As soon as you’re happy with the proposed design and want to go ahead, we create a detailed scale sketch, showing you clearly what your mural will look like, and how it will work in your space.

The time taken for the design stage depends on the complexity of the mural, but is typically around a week.


Step 3: Paint It

Once you approve the final design we can produce your mural.

we arrange a time to visit your site whenever is good for you and paint your mural in line with Our No Mess Policy.

All that’s left is for you to enjoy your mural. Get in touch, and we’ll start planning yours today.



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